Rossignol Studio has launched the Glassophones Bundle, featuring the Orguever and Versophone instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Rossignol Studio Glassophones Bundle
Rossignol Studio Versophone

Orguever was established on the basis of an glass organ. “The glass organ is a mechanization of the principle of musical glasses. It consists of glass bowls, crystal or quartz stacked on a horizontal rotary axis driven by a pedal. With wet fingers that we play this instrument by rubbing against the glass. It appears crystal clear sound, pure and ethereal.”

Versophone is the new virtual instrument for Kontakt 5 created by Rossignol-Studio using 16bits 48KHz glass samples from Dominique Lacaud (ODFGRANDORGUE). It is composed of 3 parts with typical sounds for this kind of instrument.

The bundle costs 25 EUR (10 EUR savings on the individual instrument libraries).

More information: Rossignol Studio