Rough Diamond Productions whiteLABEL stWIP

Rough Diamond Productions has released version 1.1 of whiteLABEL stWIP, a stereo or surround channel strip plug-in for Windows.

stWIP can be used pretty much anywhere you need compression, gating, distortion, EQ or limiting. Each Filter and EQ band delivers upto 30 decibels of cut or gain and the 10 cross mixed dynamics modes range from light compression to heavy companding. To top it off, the distortion unit can further boost ( and / or destroy ) your signal and a hard-limiter on the outputs keeps things under control.

Changes in stWIP v1.1

  • +10 dB input boost switch.
  • Output hard-limiter.
  • Per channel mutes.
  • Auto-sensing VU meters.
  • Improved polyphonic design.
  • Improved waveform display with user defined update rate.
  • CPU-saving auto-sleep implimentation.

stWIP for Windows PC (VST) is available for purchase for £15 GBP. A 6-channel surround sound version stWIP XL is available for £40 GBP. A fully functional free demo version (limited features) can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: whiteLABEL