Runagate CombOver v0.1

Runagate has released CombOver, a free FSU effect based on comb filters.

CombOver v0.1 features

  • 5 modulated comb filters.
  • Comb filter time modulation provided by input audio pitch detection.
  • 16 graphical sliders to choose 16 harmonic overtones for modulation source.
  • 16-step sequencer to modulate selected harmonic overtone for time modulation.
  • X/Y joystick-controlled vector mixer to blend between 4 harmonically-modulated comb filters.
  • A variety of tempo-synced beat division choices for the sequencer.
  • Stereo peak hold control on the pitch detector to ensure sensible pitch detection from stereo inputs, also acts as modulation smoothing envelope.
  • Pitch detection octave selection control.

CombOver is available as freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Runagate for more information.