Sample Katra has launched with the release of 5 new virtual instruments for Kontakt.

Sample Katra is a new company specializing in vintage analog synth instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

The main aim is to combine the character of vintage analog instruments, with an up to date feature-set for any style of music or sound-design.

“We genuinely hope to offer something a little different and bring to you the ‘katra’ or living spirit of some of our favorite analog synths, drum machines and vintage toys.”

Sample Katra features

  • 24Bit samples.
  • Round robin sampling.
  • Uncompromising sound quality.
  • No additional processing or sweetening.
  • Scripting for Kontakt by Mario Krušelj.
  • Currently available:

All Sample Katra instruments are also available in a limited time bundle offer, priced at $59 USD.