SamplemodelingThe Sax Brothers

Samplemodeling has released The Sax Brothers, a collection of virtual saxophone instruments for Windows and Mac.

After the great success of Mr. Sax T, we were asked by our customers to extend the Sax family. Here are two brand new brothers, Mr. Sax A., and Mr. Sax B., exploiting the same technology, but based on completely new sample material, with a lot of new added features, and supplied with the newborn Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 Player.

New in The Sax Brothers

  • New instruments: Alto and Baritone Sax, designed and programmed for the new NI Kontakt 3.5 Player.
  • The main panel allows for monitoring and inputting control data. It includes a drop down menu for Keyboard, Breathcontroller, Yamaha and Akai windcontroller input, symmetrical and asymmetrical pitchbend response, velocity or CC controlled portamento time, etc.
  • Automatic recognition of the audio card sample rate has been implemented, thus obviating the need of manually setting the corresponding value on the instrument GUI.
  • Channel aftertouch is now recognized and can be used to control several parameters, such as vibrato intensity or rate, subharmonic, growl or flutter intensity. A user defined smoothing parameter helps reduce any sudden jump of the less-than-optimal aftertouch response of several keyboards.
  • MIDI remapping of incoming CCs is now possible, by a dedicated GUI.
  • Mr. Sax T v1.51 has been reprogrammed in exactly the same way as the other Brothers.

The Sax Brothers (alto, tenor & baritone sax) is available for purchase for 239 EUR. Mr. Sax B. & A. (alto & baritone sax) can also be purchased in a bundle for 149 EUR (prices excl. VAT if within the European Union, and if applicable).

More information: Samplemodeling