Samplecraze Compression video series compilation

Samplecraze has announced the release of the Audio Compression Video Tutorials, a series of audio production tutorials.

There are already many Samplecraze students around the world improving their audio skills via 1-2-1 Tuition, but now Samplecraze are offering a new series of pre-recorded audio production tutorials so that everyone can reap the benefits. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video tutorial must be one of the most effective teaching methods ever devised!

The first in the series covers Audio Compression:
There are few subjects more confusing than compression. It’s one thing understanding what the various controls do in theory, but quite another to know which ones to tweak to give your sounds more body, even out their dynamics, and bring forth all their detail from the depths of your mixes.

This video pack contains the following 7 audio compression video tutorials and is offered at less than half the price of all the combined individual video packs. Far better than reading any book, the Samplecraze Compression Tutorials train your ears to hear how the sound changes with different compressor settings and types, so you learn how to extract the best results from your own tracks.

The “Compression video series compilation” is available to purchase as a digital download for £14.99 GBP.

More information: Samplecraze