Samplecraze has released two new sample libraries: Downbeat Electronica and Deconstructed Rhythm.

Samplecraze Downbeat Electronica

Downbeat Electronica – Downbeat and Lounge Music Samples

Fast off the pace of the Ambient Construction Series comes Downbeat Electronica – Downbeat and Lounge Music Samples, a sample pack devoted to the euphoric yet brooding Downbeat and Trip Hop genres.

If you are into the eclectic chillout vibe and have been after construction sets that allow you to mix each and every part to create your own productions then this pack will fit your needs.

Downbeat Electronica features

  • 10 individual ‘songs’/construction sets, broken down into individual WAV files allowing you to mix and match styles, key signatures, BPMs and all musical parts.
  • The samples provided are not chopped or sliced. They have been written and played individually. This allows for easier and better compositional building blocks.
  • Each drum beat is supplied as a clean 4-8 bar drum loop and in some cases with additional percussion fills and layers. The pads and synths are provided with ample headroom to allow for further processing, but are also strong in level so as to diminish the noise floor. All keyboards, hooks, synths etc have been written ground up which will allow you to infuse fresh ideas into your compositions.

Samplecraze Deconstructed Rhythm

Deconstructed Rhythm – Drum Samples Inspired By J Dilla

The late, great J Dilla was one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Inspiring musicians from cross Hip Hop genres to rething and apply their techniques.

Deconstructed Rhythm features

  • 336 individual drum samples split into category specific elements: kicks, snares, hi hats and percussion. These samples have been run through some of the most notable vintage dynamics and burnt to and resampled from vinyl to provide the edge and grit associated with this specific genre and style.
  • 160 drum samples organised into drum kits in SoundFont format. This allows the user to load or import the drum kits into any SF2 reader/player and most of today’s soft samplers will cater for that format.

Downbeat Electronica is available for purchase for $23.99 USD, while Deconstructed Rhythm is priced at $39.99 USD.

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