Samplecraze True Essence

Samplecraze has announced the release of True Essence – Drums Inspired by DJ Premier, a drum hits sample library.

Rated as one of the top Hip Hop producers ever (Source magazine and About) DJ Premier, or Primo, has amassed one of the most diverse yet ‘up to the minute’ sample libraries created from years of ‘digging’ into obscure Jazz and Soul records.

His production techniques date back to the old soul era but portrayed with a modern feel and understanding of what the market requires.

At Samplecraze we have tried to emulate, through inspiration, this production ideology and feel that we have created one of the best DJ Premier inspired sample libraries available.

Consisting of 348 pristine drum samples this sample pack is broken down into the three major drum sample elements: 116 kicks, 116 snares and 116 hi hats.

We have taken great care to provide a top quality product that can be slotted into any RnB and Hip Hop production with the feel and history of Primo slapped all across the samples.

If you have hankered after that elusive New York (East Coast) flavour then this pack is a ‘must have’ and to help you in your decision making we have provided a FREE demo sample pack containing 3 kicks, 3 snares and 3 hi hats.

True Essence is available to purchase as a download for £19.99 GBP.

More information: Samplecraze