Samplephonics has announced the release of Abstract Percussion, a sample library featuring a collection of abstract percussion loops & samples, including everything from music boxes to found sounds.

Samplephonics Abstract Percussion

Abstract percussion offers a wealth of sonic variations to ensure your next beats are as interesting and unique as the music you produce.

Reaching for a range of found sound, tuned percussion and all out weird objects, this one of a kind percussion sample pack guarantees to offer a wealth of endless inspiration. From tuned percussion hooks to found sound shakers and percussion loops, you’ll find it all nestled inside this true sonic beauty.

Hybrid Cinema is a soundtrack sample library featuring contemporary film score samples that fuse cutting edge electronic music & dark sound design.

Samplephonics Hybrid Cinema

Fusing together the finest aspects of contemporary on screen sound design with crisp, off kilter beats and grooves, Hybrid Cinema is in a world of it’s own.

An amalgamation of cutting edge musical elements, this bespoke soundtrack sample library digs deeper into the world of dark cinema, exploring the sinister and gripping electronic layers which perfectly accompany any thought provoking scene.

The sample libraries are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

More information: Samplephonics