Samplephonics has launched three sample libraries.


Pure House & Garage is a sample library by gifted House & Garage music producer Edmondson.

Add a touch of class to your next production with this crystal clear collection of pure Chicago House, raw US Garage and refined deep Techno loops & samples.

Bursting with over 1.6GB of dreamy pad sounds, intricate percussive patterns, crisp house drum loops, ethereal chime sounds, techy stabs, heavily processed vocal chops, retro sounding keys melodies and nostalgic tape hiss, this alluring sample pack will give you the building blocks to inject gorgeous melodic content and chunky organic rhythms to your music.

Pure House & Garage is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.


Classic House Keys features a collection of 90’s rave loops.

This classic house sample pack captures the joy and happiness of the time and breathes new life in to a never to be forgotten sound. Hands in the air house piano loops, uplifting organ basses, jacking synth grooves and deep melodic Rhodes chords make up this inspiring collection of house loops and samples played by expert session musician Toby Baker, who has played with the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Candi Staton and Technotronic to name just a few.

The pack is jammed full of iconic keyboard instruments that have featured in classic house tracks through the years, including the Korg Poly 800, Juno 106, Korg Mono Poly, Korg M1, Roland JX3P, Fender Rhodes 1971 and the Yamaha DX7, ensuring a perfect emulation of this golden era.

Classic House Keys costs £19 GBP.


Classic Hip Hop Cuts features a collection of loops and samples recorded through a classic MPC and reprocessed with analogue tape and an old Allen & Heath desk.

The nostalgic crackle of needle on wax. The accidental interference in a resampled drum. The rounded transient and extra punch as the sound begins to saturate. The warmth of a gorgeous Rhodes lick, recycled and looped into something new…

If you are looking for true vintage Hip Hop samples that encapsulate the golden era of crate digging and sample based music, this sample library will put a smile on your face. Captured by an original MPC then resampled, chopped and expertly crafted into a highly versatile and original sample collection of sonic colours, enveloping textures, raw punchy Hip Hop drum samples, flurries of melody and essential sample cuts, that will no doubt become a staple part of your collection.

The Classic Hip Hop Cuts pack is £34.70 GBP.

Samplephonics has also launched a limited time Spring Sale, offering 40% off all its products. Use coupon code EGGHUNT at checkout. The sale ends April 8th, 2015.

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