SampleTekk has announced the release of the Blue Grand, a “character” grand piano sample library for Kontakt and HALion.

The Blue Grand is the perfect piano when you want something that’s a bit more mellow, old school and ambient sound. The great instrument used for the White Grand and White Sister, a large Malmsjo Grand, a 100 year old beauty, was here used to create their more soft spoken sister.

The instrument was miked up pretty closed, to remain contact with the instrument, but room mikes was used to give it a more ambient character. It was also tuned to give a bit more movement in the tone, giving it an even more old school sound. Hammerback and pedal noise samples that gives it intimacy and presence, (no pedal noise on the HALion 3 version).

The Blue Grand is not the ultimate Grand Piano that will cover all bases, but if you need a ambient, old school instrument that still has precense, look no further!

The sample library is available to purchase for Kontakt 4 and HALion 3/4, priced at $49 USD. The first 200 customers pay $29 USD.

More information: SampleTekk / Blue Grand