Samsara  Cycle Audio OMB1 Om Bass

Samsara Cycle Audio has released OMB1 Om Bass, a virtual electric bass guitar instrument for Windows.

Designed to provide a clean and easily adjustable electric bass

OMB1 Om Bass features

  • Selector for four bass guitar style samples: Finger, Pick, Slap, Mute.
  • Midi Channel Selector.
  • Midi Learn.
  • Pick up position slider (plectrum).
  • Selectable fine tuner (machine head).
  • Octave switcher (5 octaves).
  • Volume & Tone control.
  • Distortion channel with level control.
  • On / Off switch.
  • Envelope section: Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release.

OMB1 is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plugin for Windows PC.

More information: Samsara Cycle Audio / OMB1