satYatunes has released Maya Blue, a interface style pack for MeldaProduction’s MPowerSynth and FX plug-ins.





Maya Blue is a stylepack for Melda MPowerSynth and FX plugins. The dark theme is nick named after the Blue shade used for texts and shapes.

In addition to Blue, it also comes with 6 additional colors. If none of the colors suit your style then you can select your own favorite color for texts and shapes as well.

Maya Blue features

  • Compatible with three editor modes – Button, Knob and Slider.
  • Compatible with plugin window resizing.
  • Can be applied to other Melda FX plugins.
  • Includes 6 extra flavors; Apricot, Bay Green, Coral, Electric Blue, Green and Orange.
  • Allows user to define their own color for texts and shapes.

The skin pack is available as donationware with a minimum of $9.50 USD (“pay what you want”).

More information: satYatunes / Maya Blue