Time+Space is offering a 45% discount on the Gem Sculptube plugin by Overloud, a tube processor plugin that is an incredibly versatile tool to build a wide variety of analog tones.

Overloud Sculptube

Sculptube is a processor dedicated to adding valve-produced harmonics to sounds.

It creates an authentic tube coloration which goes from slightly warmed-up tones to heavy distortions.

Sculptube features

  • Hyper-realistic simulation of tube warming/distortion, thanks to the 4th generation DSP technology.
  • Triode and Pentode simulation.
  • Tube biasing control.
  • Built-in EQ and parallel processing to sculpt the tone.
  • Low CPU usage: more than 1500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina.
  • Multilevel undo-redo.
  • A/B Comparison.
  • Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel.
  • Meter Calibration: calibrate the VU meters at 4 different sensibilities.

Gem Sculptube is available for Windows and Mac in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats. The plugin is on sale from Time+Space for only $69 USD/69 EUR incl. VAT until September 24th (regular $119 USD/109 EUR).

More information: Overloud Gem Sculptube