Noise Is King has announced TweakingDrums, a collection of over 300 drum synth presets for the Operator synthesizer in Ableton Live.

The pack contains 42 kits with everything from classic drum machine type sounds to more futuristic and electronic sounding drums.

Noise Is King Tweaking Drums

From brutal drum kicks to futuristic hi-hats to punchy snares and handclaps, this collection packs so many possibilities to tweak your drums.

Unlike with samples, modify and change any aspect of the sound and create new never unheard of.

TweakingDrums features

  • 300+ Drumsynth Presets including kicks, snares, hi hats, maracas, cymbals, percussion and sound FX.
  • 42 Drumkits covering a sonic spectrum from futuristic Jazz to Micro Glitch to realisitc drum emulations.
  • 42 Ableton Projects that you can modify and make your own or simply get inspired.
  • Understand how drum sounds are made by digging into the guts of the Operator presets, and start making your own ones.

TweakingDrums is available for 49 EUR ex. VAT where applicable.