Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on audioD3CK, offering a 50% discount on the award winning dynamic processors and effects for a limited time only.

audioD3CK sale

audioD3CK Sale

  • ChopChop – ChopChop’s algorithm was originally designed to be reasonably clean while operating with a very fast attack time and classic peak detection. The result is a very flexible compressor with a distinct sound. ChopChop is best used when the compression is meant to be heard, but it can act as an invisible tool as well!
  • Eekjuliza – Uour complete workhorse equalizer with an emphasis on sound quality and workflow.
  • KRUCZ – This maximizer from the R.A.O.N. series is audioD3CK’s version of a look ahead maximizer. Great care has been taken to design it as musical as possible. It ranges from clean to totally smashed and will not turn your audio into harsh dirt when driven hard!
  • o-clip – A simple clipping plugin with the usual audioD3CK features. o-clip benefits greatly from audioD3CK’s high quality oversampling framework. Boost your tracks without aliasing!
  • R.A.O.N Series Bundle – The R.A.O.N. series has evolved into a very complete bundle, providing you quality and flexible audio processors for your mixing tasks. Includes ChopChop, ST-R-I-P, KRUCZ, o-clip, Flexible High Quality Oversampling, and SunRuys.
  • ST-R-I-P – Analog inspired channel strip featuring subtle saturation and noise to emulate the behaviour of analog mixing desks. It’s intended use is with pure ‘in the box’ music to give it some texture and depth while having traditional sound shaping features like compression and equalising at your fingertips.
  • SunRuys – An advanced compressor designed for you mix bus. It unusual feedback.forward typology gives it a precise yet smooth sound, rounded of by some subtle saturation.
  • TagAFile – A valuable tool to organize your audio data the way you want. Its tag based database makes it easy tu search for your audio data. Features like the result randomizer make it easy to get new ideas from your old sample library.

The sale ends September 1st, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / audioD3CK