Native Instruments has launched an exclusive sale on virtual instruments by Heavyocity, offering a 50% discount for two weeks only.

Heavyocity creates instruments that push the limits of cinematic sound.

Composing is all about having the right tools. So whether you’re after blistering brasses or state-of-the-art sound design, Heavyocity’s groundbreaking instruments are just what you need to elevate any on-screen action.

We’ve also brought you the recent additions to Heavyocity’s outstanding catalog, Mosaic Keys and Scoring Bass – all at 50% off for a limited time.

The sale includes Forzo, Novo, Gravity, Mosaic Keys, Mosaic Voices, Intimate Textures, Rhythmic Textures, Synthetic Strings, Scoring Brass, Scoring Guitars & Scoring Guitars 2, Natural Forces, Vocalise & Vocalise 2.

This special offer is valid from January 28th until February 10th, 2020, at the NI Online Shop.

More information: Native Instruments