VST Buzz has launched a sale on Modularium, offering a 70% discount on the Kontakt instrument library by Particular Sound.

“Modularium” is a multi layer instrument containing 6 modules that give you different ways to shape waveforms using synchronized effects and modulations from Kontakt sampler.

This library comes with more than 150 factory presets which you can tweak and bend at will as well as over 50 multi patches. And if you like surprises, take a sound-trip and hit the Random button to create countless unheard sounds!

Modularium features

  • 300 MB uncompressed samples.
  • 6 layered instruments (modules).
  • 150+ factory presets.
  • 50+ multi patches.
  • Generator A & B – 8 layer instruments with different modulation sources to manipulate sound.
  • Noicesetter – Creates different types of “Noise” with many controls.
  • Vocalirum – Generate vocal like sounds with control over 6 layers.
  • Paddle A & B – Pad generators with several options to tweak.
  • Unique “Random” button to create completely original sounds!

Modularium is on sale for only 9.99 EUR until August 28th, 2018 (regular 33 EUR). Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: VST Buzz