Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on Digital Brain Instruments’ Complete Bundle, offering a discount of 80% off on the regular price of this collection of innovative and unique software for sound design and vocal processing.

Digital Brain Instruments are developing next-generation interactive audio tools for sound designers, musicians, audio engineers and game developers. You can now get the entire Digital Brain Instruments collection in one unique package, featuring nine powerful audio applications to expand your audio toolset.

The bundle includes:

  • Transformer, developed to transform your audio samples into new sounds, using a microphone, pre-recorded audio files or a virtual instrument.
  • cMixer, conceived for events broadcasting purposes, including online radios, talk shows, dialogue recordings, speeches, conferences, meetings, podcasting and for small live concerts.
  • DSP Manager, developed to manage loudspeaker systems for events such concerts, venues, conferences or any other kind of event that requires loudspeaker management or that requires routing different audio sources to different listening spaces.
  • Voxpat 2 & Voxpat Player, create high-quality monster, other world creatures and robotic voices for games, films, music, multimedia projects or for creating sound libraries in just a few minutes.
  • Oscar, anti-aliased tone and noise generator with adjustable wave shape and noise type standalone software.
  • Multiplex Vocoder 2, four VST/AU vocoders and one audio sample vocoder where you can load any Virtual Instrument or audio file to be used as a vocoder carrier signal.
  • Talkie Box 2, allows processing in real-time your voice to emulate walkie-talkie, radio or telephone sound effects.
  • Batch Pro, allows changing the file format, sampling rate, bit depth, pan, stereo/mono files, pitch, filter, volume and processing the files through up to 4 VST/AU plugins.

The Complete Bundle is on sale for 129 EUR / $149 USD until August 3rd, 2020.

More information: Digital Brain Instruments