W.A. Production has launched a sale on the Ultimate MIDI Bundle, offering 90% off on the bundle comprising three MIDI plugins and 5 expansion packs.

WA Ultimate MIDI Bundle

Do you ever get stuck when writing a chord progression? Or hate when you there is just one note that doesn’t sound right in what could be the best lead you’ve ever written? W. A. Production is here to make sure that you complete that scale, find that fitting chord and make progressions that are out of this world with the Ultimate MIDI Bundle.

You will never hit another creative roadblock again with an endless variety of chord options and variations. Rather than just covering the major and minor, we have developed options that span multiple styles and structures. Triads, augmented and diminished have never been so easy. W.A Production have put Music Theory at your fingertips so you don’t have to stop and look up what the next note in a scale is or what notes make a specific chord. W.A Production’s plugins are easy to use with everything clearly labelled and in a font size that you can actually read.

Have you just started making music? With the Ultimate MIDI Bundle, W.A Production making sure you never spend hours in the YouTube rabbit hole possibly learning incorrect information. Don’t have money or time to sit through Music Theory class? You can still learn the same crucial information as you discover all of the variations of chords and scales.

The bundle comprises the Instascale and Instachord MIDI processor plugins and the MIDIQ chord sequence generator. The included Instachord expansions give you access to chord stylings for Future House, Jazz, Blues, and RnB.

The Ultimate MIDI Bundle is on sale for only $19.90 USD until June 22nd, 2020 from W.A. Production and distributor Plugin Boutique.

A crossgrade is available for only $9.90 USD for owners of MIDIQ, Instascale or Instachord.