Humble Bundle has launched a new promotion featuring plugins and sound packs from Applied Acoustics Systems and Q-Up Arts. The Get Into Music Variety Pack includes Strum Session, Lounge Lizard Session and Ultra Analog Session, Objeq Delay, selected AAS Player Sound Packs, and sample libraries.

Got a song in your heart and want to share it with the world? Pick up this variety-packed bundle and start composing! Build an instant virtual studio with synthesizers, the award-winning Boom 3D audio enhancer and equalizer, instruments, and more essential tools.

Get a library of loops, SFX, MIDI files, presets, and more sounds to help you unleash your creativity. Score $1,000+ worth of audio software, and help support Direct Relief with your purchase.

With prices starting from only $1 USD, the entire bundle of 21 products is available from $20 USD until February 7th, 2023.

More information: Humble Bundle