Native Instruments has partnered with Orchestral Tools to launch a limited time sale on symphonic instruments and exclusive collections.

The Inspire Collection comprises Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 and 2. With a value of 950 EUR, this library is now on sale for only 349 EUR.

On a deadline? Don’t compromise on your sound.

Now established go-to libraries for pro composers, these two instruments combine some of the most detailed orchestral sample collections in the world with all the tools you need to get your ideas down fast.

The Metropolis Ark Collection includes both Metropolis Ark volumes. The individual products have a value of 1,366 EUR. The exclusive bundle is on sale for 499 EUR.

The epic spirit of a 1927 sci-fi monument, brought into the 21st century.

Two bold, dark libraries give you precise control over a full complement of orchestral instruments, voices, percussion, guitars, and more – all at epic scale.

The following individual libraries are also 50% off:

  • Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1: This Hollywood go-to combines a phenomenal-sounding virtual orchestra with all the capabilities of a fast writing tool.
  • Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2: Get access to a new world of atmospheric and emotional orchestral colors, combined with the Inspire series’ acclaimed writing tools.
  • Metropolis Ark 1: The spirit of a 1927 sci-fi monument, reimagined for the 21st century. This epic orchestral collection is dark, bold, and very, very loud.
  • Metropolis Ark 2: The follow-up to Metropolis Ark 1 focuses on deep, wide, and low sounds, featuring epic strings, brass, voices and more for a truly powerful bottom end.
  • Metropolis Ark 3: Metropolis Ark 3 combines a colossal orchestra with huge taiko ensembles and drums of doom to create an unprecedented percussive sound: The ultimate orchestral beat machine.
  • Symphonic Sphere: This orchestral instrument specialises in symphonic flickers and shimmering articulations like fingered tremolos, trills, harp beds, and glisses.
  • Orchestral String Runs: Create realistic, playable string runs from thousands of tempo-synced runs, ostinatos, trills, and more.
  • The Orchestral Grands: Two masterpiece grand pianos designed to bring new colors to your orchestral compositions.

All instruments are compatible with the free Kontakt 6 Player. The offer expires December 17th, 2018.

More information: Native Instruments