IK Multimedia has announced the SampleTank 4 Instruments Krazy Deal, an opportunity to save up to 75% off virtual instrument collections for SampleTank.

It’s time for the first Krazy Deal of 2021! In anticipation of IK at NAMM 2021 Believe in Music Week and all that brings, including a demonstration from the talented Jordan Rudess showing off these libraries, you can save big on some great SampleTank 4 instrument libraries.

From now through January 28, 2021, Save up to 75% off virtual instrument collections Clavitube, Alternate Keys, Spaceport 77, Cinematic Percussion, and Orchestral Percussion.

The SampleTank 4 instrument libraries are on sale starting from 19.99 EUR/USD ex. taxes where applicable.

More information: IK Multimedia