Plugin Boutique is offering discounts of up to 85% off regular on two selected PSP Audioware effect plugins in a Black Friday sale.

The PSP HertzRider frequency shifter can be an incredible tool for tuning inharmonic sounds like snares, and for harmonic sounds it becomes a creative and crazy destructive tool.

In addition to a wide range of shifting settings the algorithm contains an LFO (low frequency oscillator) to provide interesting modulation options allowing you to further creatively experiment with this tool.

PSP HertzRider is designed to be as simple as possible, to take as few resources as possible, and to incur only a very slight (and frequency dependent) latency.

The rich-sounding PSP Nexcellence spring emulation is inspired by and modeled after “Necklace-type” reverb units.

PSP Nexellence

It provides two different spring set processors and can use one or both of its processing engines simultaneously.

The algorithm has improved on the original hardware by providing a handy set of parameters to let you control inherent aspects of the spring reverb.

The plugins are on sale for only £14.95 GBP / $19.99 USD each until December 3rd, 2019.

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