BOOM Library has announced the release of its new Cinematic Strikes, a sound library with a focus on big sounding drums.

BOOM Library Cinematic Strikes Bundle art

A whole world of cinematic percussive sound design lies a few clicks away: From cracks and stomps over swells and rolls to ensemble hits – you will be sure to find and build just what you are looking for.

This collection comes with the flexibility of different microphone positions, single and ensemble hits, flams and swells using various drums and beaters. As always there are also ready-to-use DESIGNED sounds to directly place into your timeline and feel the earth shake.

The library comes in three editions:

  • Cinematic Strikes – Construction Kit: Not only are you able to produce impressive sounding hits, but also transition into, out of and between peaks. Control the attack and release of each sound, using rolls, flams, double hits and other meticulously performed techniques. Three coherent microphone positions make spatial adjustments a breeze.
  • Cinematic Strikes – Designed: Cinematic Strikes – Designed is what you get when layering and processing Construction Kit sounds BOOM Library style. From rumbling low-end BOOMS, soft and natural sounding WHOOSH HITS to aggressive, frontal CRACKS and PUNCHES, the Designed library showcases what’s possible, while saving precious time and budget on a tight schedule. This package is particularly useful for filmmakers and trailer sound designers.
  • Cinematic Strikes – Bundle: The Cinematic Strikes Bundle includes the Construction Kit and the Designed edition at a reduced price.

All versions of Cinematic Strikes come with an introductory 20% discount until December 3rd, 2019.

Besides the 20% release offer, this new product is also part of the ongoing Black November Sale, BOOM Library’s only sale of the year. The focus is on the 3FOR2 deal, where you only have to pay 2 libraries if you add 3 to your shopping cart. This also works with 6 collections (you only pay for 4) or 9 (you pay for 6) and so on.

In addition, the Complete BOOM Ultimate and Complete Quiet Planet packages are greatly reduced with up to 50% off.

More information: BOOM Library