SCCZ has released a new Kontakt instrument library inspired by the supersaw.

The Sawmill instrument lets you layer its detuned oscillators to turn a static waveform into something with evolving texture, and detune not just pitch but also other parameters on every oscillator.

Sawmill is not your standard sample library. It is an advanced and powerful synthesizer with sampled oscillators. There are 32 waveforms, generated mostly with a modular analog system and vintage analog synthesizers.

The samples are fairly long to capture bits of analog drift and tiny electronic imperfections which makes it sound more alive. Each sample has been looped by hand without any additional processing, to preserve as much of the original flavor as reasonably possible.

The waveform selection is focused mainly on different variations of saw, but it also includes other basic shapes, as well as some fancy waveforms you can generate in a modular by mangling the oscillator with rectifiers, ring modulators, inverters and the like, all in analog domain.

Sawmill includes nearly complete palette of what Kontakt has to offer in signal processing: full range of filter types, classic effects, different types of envelopes, LFOs with various shapes and frequency modulation.

Sawmill features

  • 7 oscillator stack with all parameters editable individually for each oscillator.
  • 32 sampled oscillator types, analog and vintage digital.
  • 2574 hand looped samples (2.75 GB unpacked – open wav).
  • 107 presets in snapshot format.
  • Multi-arpeggiator with 8 arp patterns to combine.
  • Step sequencer and LFO crossover modulator with 6 editable waveforms.
  • Comprehensive set of 32 scales to choose from so the arp can be locked to precise musical notes.
  • 35 filter types.
  • 105 Snapshots.
  • 49 Page User Guide.
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 or newer (full version) – Not Kontakt Player.

Sawmill is available now from Kontakt Hub, priced at £38 GBP excl. VAT.

To celebrate the release of Sawmill, the price of Orchestra Enigmatica has been lowered to £32 GBP permanently.

More information: Kontakt Hub