Sensomusic has announced the release of MusineKit, a free software package dedicated to the practice of music and sound art.


Based on the powerful engine of the professional software Usine Hollyhock, MusineKit provide a musical practice for all of us: children, adults, teachers and educationalists.

With the help of la Muse en circuit (national music creation center) MusineKit presents innovative educational content for teachers and can play independently, but also in groups to promote team games. The software also allows you to generate musical gestures from our everyday technology, and fits extremely reactive way to new interfaces like Leap Motion, joysticks, tablets and touch screens, Zil, etc.

MusineKit is a modular software giving immediate to a dozen instruments grouped under different categories (creative, group playing etc.).

MusineKit is a free download for Windows and Mac.

More information: MusineKit