Serato has announced an update to the Serato Studio beat making software for DJs and producers.

Version 1.6 of Serato Studio allows producers and beat makers to record audio directly into the platform. The highly-requested feature speeds up production, eliminates the need for auxiliary recording applications, and creates a smoother workflow.

The update also features Audio Track improvements, bringing more power and functionality to the Song View. The user-requested ability to drag and drop clips into other tracks helps to speed up workflow, allows for better clip organization, and makes editing even easier. A further three FX slots (six total) have been added to the Audio Track, while the ability to add FX directly to an Audio Deck Pad has been removed, a small and necessary redesign. The ability to keep adding pads has been added, to allow you to build your tracks with the depth you desire.

Serato has also introduced its own Virtual Audio Driver for Mac, an easy to install in-app which gives you more control, and more importantly works with Big Sur, unlike third-party drivers.

Serato Studio is available for purchase for $199 USD at Serato and from distributor Plugin Boutique.