Blortblort has returned with a new presets pack for the unique Permut8 audio plugin from Sonic Charge.

Where Permut8’d Phun takes advantage of several Permut8 firmwares, the new Shadows collection is an ‘echo exploration tool’ constructed solely from the original firmware.

Permut8 is a masterpiece of programming as a truly unique audio mangling device, and at its heart, Permut8 is a delay unit.

Shadows- a set of nine banks of presets, is designed to help you explore that aspect and specifically created with *performance* in mind…using Permut8’s MIDI capabilities, one can use a MIDI controller to activate program changes in realtime for an expressiveness that not many other effects are capable.

Shadows costs $18 USD.

For a limited only, you can use coupon code intherain at the checkout to get a 40% discount on Shadows and all other sound packs at the Blortblort store.