K-Devices has announced the release of a new iOS app. Shaper is a multi-FX audio processor with four modules that can be rearranged.

Shaper is a sound processor designed to let you redefine or totally destroy any kind of source.

Shaper is perfect in any iOS music-making situations: use it as stand alone app to process your outboard, or as inter-app audio in Aubiobus or other compatible apps as AUM, Modstep, GarageBand, etc. Moreover, and this is so cool, Shaper is also an awesome Audio Unit Extension; it works like a charm, always!

Its clear, clean and minimal user interface lets you fall in love so fast with its potential, that after just few minutes of use you’ll feel like it always been one of your favorite music production tools. Its noise is your noise.

K Devices Shaper

Shaper features

  • Available modules:
    • Glitch gate.
    • Waveshaper with 5 brand new inspiring functions (muffin, multistress, cracker, s&m, bits & samps).
    • Multi-mode transform section (wave-clipper, wavewrapper, and wave-folder).
    • Resonator/short delay, that can act as a comb filter too.
  • Changing the order of modules in the chain, makes of Shaper an incredibly versatile sounds processor.
  • Choose how to feed it and how to mix it with a gain and a dry/wet section.
  • Two oscilloscopes display audio signals before and after processing.
  • Stand alone, Inter-App audio, and Audio Unit extension; it just fits any iOS music-making workflow.

Shaper is available at the introductory price of 3.49 EUR/$2.99 USD until June 24th (50% off regular). Requires iOS 8 or higher; Audio Unit extension format needs iOS 9 or higher.

More information: K-Devices