Should upgrade?

Loading (by Steve Leggat)

I’m thinking of upgrading the website to a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

This would/should increase the overall stability since the site gets its own resources instead of sharing them with other websites.

Moving to a VPS will probably cost me a bit more than my current hosting plan (depending on the amount of memory & CPU the site needs), so I figured I’d first ask you, the reader, to rate the website speed as it is right now.

Update: the votes are in!

  • Great, no complaints here! — 65%
  • OK, but a bit slow sometimes — 29%
  • This page took ages to load, so typical! — 6%

Seems most of you were satisfied with the performance so I’ll leave things the way they are for now. Those 6% who had to wait a long time for the page to load may encourage me to upgrade after all by injecting some cash into my hosting account here ^_^

Thanks for your input!

Samplitude Pro X4

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Hey Ronnie,

so far i never had any trouble with your site. The feeds are always there – so is the uptime (afaik).

Very often VPS configurations aren’t much better than small hosting packages. Imho, it’s often that there are other problems i.e. with software installation and such. Depends on the hosting partner, i guess.

Mr. Tunes
Mr. Tunes

i mainly read this blog through Google Reader, so it always seems fine to me. when i pop in to comment, it’s always up and working. may i ask what the poll software you are using on this post is?


I’ve never had any real issues with this site.
I don’t see a thousand AD’S adding to load time.
How much speed is really needed?

If it’s not broke… well, you know the rest!


The server you have now is ok. Sure, everyone once in a while a page hangs for a few seconds as it’s loading, but nothing objectionable. In upgrading to VPS hosting, you would have to project a significant increase in hits to justify the cost. I say stay with your current host, it’s not like you’re aiming to be the next slashdot, digg or reddit, music software news is a much smaller market than those. Unless you want to challenge KVR for their market, then I’d so go for it. In other words: unless you’re going to change the website… Read more »