Loading (by Steve Leggat)

I’m thinking of upgrading the rekkerd.org website to a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

This would/should increase the overall stability since the site gets its own resources instead of sharing them with other websites.

Moving to a VPS will probably cost me a bit more than my current hosting plan (depending on the amount of memory & CPU the site needs), so I figured I’d first ask you, the rekkerd.org reader, to rate the website speed as it is right now.

Update: the votes are in!

  • Great, no complaints here! — 65%
  • OK, but a bit slow sometimes — 29%
  • This page took ages to load, so typical! — 6%

Seems most of you were satisfied with the performance so I’ll leave things the way they are for now. Those 6% who had to wait a long time for the page to load may encourage me to upgrade after all by injecting some cash into my hosting account here ^_^

Thanks for your input!