ShuttleBug records Piggle

ShuttleBuG records has released Piggle, a freeware phase distortion synth for Windows PC.

Piggle is part of the Shuttleplugs, a collection of freeware VST effect and instrument plug-ins created by Stephen Daveloose.

The following Shuttleplugs plug-ins are currently available:

  • Piggle, a phase distortion synth. (warm & organic, clean or distorted).
  • Hula, dual phaser. It can produce very interesting stereo-effects, but each channel has it’s own phaser.
  • Hulo, an LFO-controlled filter effect with two stereo-modes: one where both channels are sweeped by the same filter and another where each has its own.
  • Lawnmower, a very flexible drive-unit, from subtle breakup to more extreme fuzz-type sounds.
  • Spattle, a simple spacer-plugin. Sounds very nice on 60’s organ-sounds.
  • Drove, an overdrive designed specifically for drums.
  • Vrek, a weird experimental lofi/delay effect (ring-modulator that uses a delay of the incomming signal as carrier frequency, the repeats ring-modulate your sound, so it sounds like a delay that interferes with the signal).
  • Stereo Vrek, one Vrek for each channel.
  • Drom, a noise-box whichit turns your signal into a soundscape of weird textures.
  • MegaDrom, an extended stereo-version of the Drom. It turns your signal into a layer of noise, blips & splatter.

All these plug-ins are done in SynthEdit, and work on Windows PC only.

Visit the ShuttleBuG records for more information and links to download the Shuttleplugs.