ADSR Sounds is offering a discount on Sick Noise Instruments’ software synthesizer instrument Xenobyte, an analog hybrid synthesizer.

Xenobyte has 3 oscillators, with standard waveforms; sine, saw, ramp, pulse, triangle as well as white noise and pink noise. You can control the volume, octave, semi-tone, pitch, fine-tune, phase mode and frequency mode of each of the three oscillators, which have the same controls and waveforms.

This synthesizer is a hybrid, in that it has an additional sound source, in the form of Xenobyte’s sampler. You can use the Sampler alone, or in combination with the oscillators.

Available in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac, Xenobyte is priced only $18 USD for a limited time (regular $73 USD).

More information: Sick Noise Instruments