Plugin Alliance has announced the release of SILO by Unfiltered Audio, a reverb effect that harnesses the power of granular processing for incredibly rich and even otherworldly reverb sounds you have to hear to believe.

SILO breaks up your incoming sounds into “grains”—incredibly short snippets of audio—which can be processed individually. You’re able to adjust the size, shape, speed, pitch, and spread of these grains, reverse them and process them separately using automated rules to create novel spaces and reverb effects.

This reverb is a tweakhead’s delight. If you like to play with knobs and see where they take you, SILO will quickly become one of your favorite plugins. You can adjust a half dozen parameters for grain generation and treat them using an array of distinct “movement” algorithms with colorful names like “Comets”, “Moons”, “Meteors”, “Stars” and “Shimmer”. For creating fascinating new sounds with a minimum of fuss, try the robust library of presets from top sound mixers and designers like Richard Devine.

SILO features

  • Granular processing allows for unusual and previously unheard reverb effects.
  • Control the grains’ size, shape, speed, pitch, level, and more.
  • Select from distinct movement types including “Comets”, “Moons”, “Meteors”, “Stars” and “Shimmer”.
  • Integrated filter section and spatialization controls.
  • Onboard compression and maximization functions.
  • Wet/dry knob.
  • Customizable color themes.
  • A library of presets from mixers and sound designers like Richard Devine for dialing in compelling sounds in a single click.

SILO is available at the introductory price of $129.99 USD (regular $179 USD). Use coupon code SILO-INTRO-9999 at the checkout to reduce the price to $99.99 USD (valid until June 15th, 2021).

The plugin is also included with the Mega, Mix & Master, and Unfiltered Audio Bundles at no extra cost.

More information: Plugin Alliance