Sinevibes GX Series

Sinevibes has released three new GX series sound expansion libraries for the Roland Fantom-G workstations.

It’s a very wide collection of production-quality, performance-ready instruments, drum kits and effects which give you instant inspiration and refreshing air for brand new ideas. The GX sounds are backed up by our vast experience in high-standards sound design for Roland synths, giving you the sound of tomorrow – today.

Available GX series sound expansion libraries

  • GX Drums – complete range of sounds for modern beat production, with drums, percussion, elements, effects and melodic instruments. Includes 402 samples, 40 sample sets and 20 patches.
  • GX Bass – synth bass collection. Includes 100 patches.
  • GX Synth – synths, leads, chords, acid and motion sounds, electric pianos, bells and organs. Includes 100 patches.

The Drums, Bass and Synth GX sound expansions for the Fantom-G series are available with prices ranging from $29 USD/€23 EUR to $39 USD/€29 EUR. A bundle costs $79 USD/€59 EUR.

Visit Sinevibes for more information and audio demos.