Sinevibes has announced version 2.0 of Sequential, a multi-effect sequencer AudioUnit plugin for Mac OS X.

This new version has been totally reworked from the ground up according to a newly-developed design language, it also brings two new effect types and a host of other improvements.

Sinevibes Sequential

Sinevibes Sequential lets you re-architect loops into completely new, rich material.

Sequential 2.0 features

  • Effects galore — Sequential features a total of 16 fine-tuned algorithms which filter, distort or even synthesise sound – with phaser and frequency shifter just added in version 2.0. Regardless of the music genre, you can add subtle spice or completely warp everything. Even a plain static waveform becomes a whole performance on its own.
  • Polished precision — With fast and seamless switching, as well as variable sequencer rate and swing ratio, Sequential easily matches the timing of any part. Each effect has its own unique character and dynamic response, inviting you to explore this tool like a musical instrument.
  • Engaging workflow — Sequential features a sleek user interface which puts all of its features right at your disposal. With clever colour coding and visual feedback, it instantly gets into your creative flow. In fact, using Sequential almost feels like playing a game – proving that work and fun can mix.

Sequential 2.0 for Mac (AU) is available to purchase for $39 USD. The update is free to existing users.

More information: Sinevibes / Sequential