Sinevibes updates Torsion synth plugin to v1.1.0


Sinevibes has updated the Torsion hybrid synthesizer plugin for Mac to version 1.1.0.

Torsion is a monophonic Audio Unit instrument plugin built upon a unique combination of multiple synthesis technologies and modulation sources, wrapped into an intuitive interface which makes working with it as fun as playing a game. It has a very distinctive, original sound character – and is ready to push your musical creativity in a fresh new direction.

Sinevibes TorsionThe Torsion synthesizer features 3 oscillators, each with 4 basic additive waveforms and 4 waveshape models.

Changes in Torsion v1.1.0

  • Keyboard trigger sync on/off switch per each LFO.
  • Increased modulation oscillator precision to eliminate filter FM harshness.
  • Modulation LFO now affects modulation oscillator.
  • New oscillator frequency slider design with semitone/octave tick marks.
  • Oscillator frequency can be adjusted in semitone steps by holding the “option” key.
  • New parameter slider design, continuous or discrete depending on type.
  • High-pass filter cutoff now also affects the filter graph.
  • Less vibrant red colour on envelope controls.
  • Envelope AHDSR stage labels.
  • Fixed issue when some notes would not play back if the host feeds a large amount of MIDI information.
  • 25 new preset patches.

Torsion for Mac (AU) costs $49 USD. The update is free for existing Torsion users.

More information: Sinevibes /Torsion

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Updated to v1.1.1:
– Improved modulation slider design with better contrast and larger click reaction area.
– Upwards arrow in modulation oscillator area to highlight its dedication for the filter.
– 25 new preset patches (bringing the total to 100).


Updated to v1.1.2:
– Improved CPU efficiency of the user interface.
– 20 new preset patches.


Updated to v1.1.3:
– Minor user interface enhancements.
– Removed LFO cycle indicators to reduce processor load.
– 10 new preset patches (for a total of 130).