SKnote Fild

SKnote has announced Fild, a VST effect plug-in which allows control of the relative phase, width and stereo image.

Fild features

  • Phase equalizer: relative phase between two tracks heavily affects the sound of the sum of the two. Introducing a simple delay between the tracks cannot match the phases in each frequency band. The phase equalizer provides 5 separate controls, acting exactkly like an equalizer but controlling the phase instead of modifying the amplitude. Useful on guitars, drums, etc.
  • Stereo widener: a mono signal represents a “point” source in the stereo field. Giving some width to a mono signal converts it to stereo and allows to add some “dimension” to each instrument.
  • Stereo image control: control stereo input or mono-to-stereo converted image: stereo width, center position, “mid” level and pan, “side” level and pan. Place each instrument with its own dimension in the stereo field and control its mid-side balance.

Fild is currently in beta.

More information: SKnote