Skrasms Scratcher

Skrasms is working on Scratcher, a (currently) stand-alone application for drawing complex turntable scratches, with modes for editing both record and fader movement.


  • Breakpoint Editor for Turntable Movements
  • Adjustable “Hand” Slowness
  • Special “Musical Editing” Features
  • Scaling and Pasting Scratches to Any Length
  • Scratch File .sch Saving/Loading
  • Project File .spj Saving/Loading (remembers midi and wave info)
  • Fast File Browser
  • Rewire Support
  • Small Library of Basic Scratches
  • Wave Rendering

The latest beta (v0.65) is a stand-alone application, but a VST version is planned. A manual is available as well (which I will need to read since I couldn’t get any useful sounds really…)

Visit Skrasms’ Scratcher page for more information and a link to download the latest beta.