Slice Records

Slice Records has released New-J Bass, an Electric Bass sample Library for Kontakt 3.

Our mission was to create a bass sample library with no frills, tricks, and gimmicks. We did not set out to sample every little nuance of the instrument so users could program amazing MIDI bass solos. We set out to sample the core of the instrument, while still preserving the crucial nuances of the bass. This gives the user a practical and very useable sample library that can exist within almost any musical setting.

New-J Bass features

  • Available for Kontakt 3 Sampler Format.
  • The New-J is a clean, present, and powerful modern bass.
  • Performed by a professional session bassist.
  • DI samples recorded with a high end DI/Preamp.
  • Amplifier samples recorded through a high end bass rig with great mics and preamps.
  • Every note sampled at 7 different velocity levels.
  • Includes release, harmonics, hammer-on, pull-off, ghost note, and drop d samples via keyswitching.

New-J Bass is available for $39.99 USD.

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