Sly-Fi has launched with the release of Defector, Axis and Kaya, three new effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Sly-Fi Deflector
Sly-Fi Axis

Sly-Fi Kaya

Sly Fi is one person: me, UBK. I’m an artist, gear designer, and analog freak. I’ve modded most of the gear I own so it sounds a little darker, warmer; sometimes I also add functions that are more useful to me as an engineer.

Emulations never excited the designer in me, and my other company (Kush Audio) enjoys a reputation for cutting edge, original products.

But a close friend, who respects my approach with Kush, suggested that people would probably dig my “enhanced” versions of the classics as much as I do.

So that’s what Sly Fi is: darker, warmer, “un-faithful” emulations inspired by my favorite modded gear.

Sly-Fi plug-ins

  • Deflector — compressor based on the Empirical Labs Distressor, with tweaked distortions, an added 250Hz sidechain HPF option which leaves all bass frequencies uncompressed, as well as a 6kHz sidechain ‘push’ to smooth out harsh, aggressive stuff.
  • Axis — a triple mode vintage EQ with tighter EQ curves, an additional saturation knob to overdrive a customized op-amp, a UBK mode where all freq and gain knobs sweep freely, and classic ‘A’ and modern ‘B’ mode on a switch with the UBK mode.
  • Kaya — Ampex tube tape deck with preamp hardwired directly to the tape head, with assymetric treble control and abuse knob.

Deflector and Axis are available for purchase for $99 USD each; Kaya is $79 USD. A bundle of Deflector & Axis is $179 USD (10% savings), and all three plug-ins are bundled for $239 USD (15% savings). VST and AU formats are available now, AAX is coming.

More information: Sly-Fi