Smoking Bunny Productions utforma

Smoking Bunny Productions has released utforma, a standalone, six channel audio manipulator, for hardware synths, audio inserts, and anything else that can carry a signal.

used to create and design new sounds to expand and bring a new life to music and sound. all while doing it on-the-fly. unlike [hantera], this is more intuitive, with better effects and reworked effects that may make this just as addictive as any other application.

utforma features

  • six channel manipulation.
  • six effects with mix controls for each channel.
    • updated filter control.
    • improved ring modulation.
    • improved degrade.
    • granular sampling. [new feature]
    • improved stereo delay, with flanger.
    • stereo reverb.
  • improved audio input/output selection.
  • i/o, signal vector and sample rate selection.
  • midi link between machinedrum and [utforma]. [new feature]
  • sixty-four step sequencer. [new feature]
  • tempo link with step sequence. [new feature]
  • improved midi learn function.
  • plus much more.

utforma for Mac OS X is available to purchase for the introductory price of £30 until 1 March, 2010 (regular price £45 GBP).

Visit Smoking Bunny Productions for more information.