Softube has introduced its new plugin suite Icons: The Compressor Collection, featuring 3 compressor effects that deliver nothing less than the same classic character as the original hardware, superior sound quality, and added modern features.

Classic, legendary… iconic. The compressors in this collection—FET Compressor Mk II, OPTO Compressor, and VCA Compressor—are modeled on three of the most popular, most used compressors in the world. Important and influential gear that set a standard in the ‘60s and ’70s and never stopped. Outstanding then, outstanding now. Even more so.

That’s because Softube have added features fit for current times. From Drive and the Stereo Link switch to the Sidechain section, this set gives you more control and tailoring capabilities than before. Icons: The Compressor Collection is an indispensable mix of modeling authenticity and modern workflow. It’s destined to be a studio star in its own right.

The bundle includes:

  • FET Compressor MK II: FET Compressor Mk II is an absolute essential. Fast, bold, in-your-face, and befitting a slew of sound sources. Grab it for vocals, snares, kick drums, guitars—the list goes on.
  • OPTO Compressor: OPTO Compressor’s claim to fame is its characteristically subtle tube distortion and slow attack time. Use it on vocals and bass; or as a second gain reduction stage after FET Compressor on a vocal track.
  • VCA Compressor: Colorful and quirky, VCA Compressor offers a classic vintage sound. With its hard knee compression curve, it’s a shoo-in for snappy snare drums but also works nicely to add texture and attack to guitar and bass sounds.

The collection is on sale at Plugin Boutique for the intro price of 199 USD/EUR until March 31st, 2023 (regular 299 USD/EUR). The individual plugins are 99 USD/EUR each during the promotion (regular 149 USD/EUR).

More information: Softube