Roland Virtual Sonics has announced software versions of Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composers as an exclusive offering through Roland Cloud.

For the first time in history, Roland has created full reproductions of the original TR-808 and TR-909 as VST and AU plugins. There will be preview demonstrations of these alongside the new SRX Orchestra virtual instrument during the 2018 NAMM show.

In the ’80s and ’90s, the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909 produced some of the most influential drum sounds in modern music, and this history is incorporated into the groundbreaking new TR-808 and TR-909 virtual instruments. Each virtual instrument fully reproduces the original TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composers based on detailed circuit analysis and design specifications, including obsessive attention to the interactions and dynamic behavior of the analog circuitry.

SRX Orchestra is the first of Roland’s famed SRX Expansion Library to be made available as individual virtual instruments. SRX Orchestra complements the recent release of the JV-1080, bringing more of the distinctive sound of 90s-era Roland instruments to Roland Cloud, and is sure to be popular with composers and producers worldwide.

Roland Cloud represents the world’s most powerful cloud-based suite of high-resolution software synthesizers and sampled instruments, connected services and software for modern music creators. A global community of artists, creators and dreamers has easy access to an ever-growing catalog of legendary and brand-new software instruments. The current musical ecosystem has been revolutionized to allow modern music creators and producers to easily connect to their sounds, their workflow, and each other.

“The team at Roland Virtual Sonics is honored to bring the legendary Roland TR-808, TR-909, and SRX Orchestra virtual instruments to our growing community of members.

While it is humbling for us to look back on the music that has flowed from the 808 and 909 over the last 25 years, we are filled with anticipation for the music new producers will create with these additions to Roland Cloud in the future,” said Roland Virtual Sonics Co-Director Jeremy Soule.

Roland Cloud is available at $19.95 USD/month or $215.40 USD/year. All three new instruments will come as regular updates to the Roland Cloud service starting in February and continuing through early spring.

More information: Roland Cloud