Solidtrax has announced the release of a collection of presets for the Valhalla Supermassive reverb effect plugin.

The Earth & Stars expansion includes 139 presets that focus on a wide variety of reverbs, from rooms, chambers and halls to ice castles and alien landscapes.

On top of that we made some presets that are heavily inspired by some classic hardware reverbs from the past. Lastly, we’ve included a handful of delay and chorus presets that can really help create some extra dimension to your sounds.

Earth & Stars features

  • 15 Chorus & Delay.
  • 17 Classic Reverbs.
  • 42 Halls & Big Spaces.
  • 34 Lush & Special Reverbs.
  • 31 Rooms & Chambers.

Though the pack of presets is priced 10 EUR, you can also get it at a discount of up to 100% off (free) by using a coupon code at the checkout.

More information: Solidtrax