Sonalksis MaxLimit

Sonalksis has announced it will soon be releasing the Sonalksis Mastering Suite, a series of mastering plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

The press release reads:

Sonalksis Mastering Suite, has just finished the last beta stage and will shortly be released to the public.

Sonalksis Mastering Suite features

  • MultiLimitMultiband Mastering Limiter
    A superior processor for the most demanding mastering environment, with 5 independent frequency bands separated by linear phase crossovers providing eq and dynamics functionality, proprietary true analogue quality clip/smoothing, program maximizing limiter, dither, extensive frequency analysis features and K-metering.
  • MaxLimitMaximizing Mastering Limiter
    A program maximizing limiter with a unique true analogue quality clip/smoothing option, K-metering and dither, all within a straightforward and intuitive interface.
  • StereoToolsStereo Imaging Processor
    A complete stereo imaging, metering and manipulation tool – with detailed visual frequency, phase/positioning feedback and K-metering to aid set up and monitoring.
  • Ultimate-DUltimate Dithering
    An end-chain mastering tool providing ‘dither’ for digital resolution enhancement. The processor uses advanced proprietary processing techniques to ensure unparalleled resolution after quantisation.

All the plug-ins will be available in VST, AU, DirectX and RTAS versions, according to their platforms, OS X 10.4/10.5 and Windows XP/VISTA. Digidesign TDM versions will be released later in the year.

More information at Sonalksis soon.