Sonalksis TBK3 Über Compressor

Sonalksis has released TBK3 Über Compressor, the third plug-in in the Creative Elements range, and like the other TBK plug-ins it has the same simple one knob interface and is fully loaded with exploding sound mangling processing and features.

Beneath its simple interface lies a radical analogue modelled compressor that can be pushed much further and harder than you ever imagined possible! In essence the TBK3 is analogue compression taken to the extreme.


  • Extreme analogue-modelled compression algorithm
  • Optional ‘true analogue noise’ colouration
  • Four selectable fully adaptive attack/release modes
  • Modifiable side-chain filter character
  • 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
  • Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
  • Zero latency throughput – absolutely no internal signal delay whatsoever

TBK3 is available for Windows (VST/RTAS) and Mac OSX (VST/AU/UB/RTAS) and costs $149.99 USD/119.99 EUR.

Visit Sonalksis for more information and a link to download a 30-day fully working trial version.