Available now in the Sonic Bloom shop, the MSE Synthesizer System brings classic technology and the associated playing style into the modern computer age.

The MSE Synthesizer System consists of 3 components: the MSE Synthesizer module, a small, but very powerful and versatile high quality synth; the Quad, four of the MSE synths stacked together and each MIDI note will sequentially play one of the four MSE modules; as well as the SEQ8, a analogue style step sequencer with 8 steps, swing, integrated MIDI scaling and map function.

The MSE Synthesizer is inspired by the legendary Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module). The MSE, as the SEM, is capable of fat deep bass, ripping leads and all kinds of effect sounds. Unlike the hardware original, the MSE can also be played polyphonically for soothing pad or warm string type sounds. The relatively limited, but very thought through function set invites for experimentation, but always delivers interesting and musical results without loosing focus in a jungle of parameters.

The Max for Cats Quad Synthesizer is influenced by one of the big giants in analog synth history – the Oberheim Four Voice, one of the very first polyphonic synthesizers and used by the likes of 808 State, Depeche Mode, Styx, Pink Floyd and John Carpenter – made possible through ‘simply’ stacking four individual SEM Modules into a big box and adding a keyboard. Because of this, it is possible to completely independently program each synth, but play them as a single sound via the keyboard (4 voice polyphonic) or sequentially hit notes on the keyboard to trigger each module. In combination with the SEQ8 sequencer, this creates very vivid synth lines.

MSE Synthesizer System features

  • 3 Max for Live Instruments and 1 Max for Live MIDI effect.
  • 53 Presets and 4 Instrument Racks included by Max for Cats.

The MSE Synthesizer System for Max for Live is available for 30 EUR/$35 USD.

More information: Sonic Bloom