Sonic Charge Permut8

Sonic Charge has announced it will be releasing its Permut8 effect plug-in this Monday.

Many of you have seen and solved the puzzle we put up earlier (524 to be precise) and you can listen to some examples on our home page right now. Now I think it is about time to do a little introduction.

Permut8 is an effect that can take on many forms. It is one of those products that is hard to describe in a couple of sentences. The kind that a marketing department would hate (luckily we have no marketing department at Sonic Charge). It excels in digital noises of all kinds, but can also sound warm and lush. It can do conventional delay effects and it can create circuit bent mayhem from hell. Perhaps more important than what it does is how it does it. Permut8 gives you a number of primitive operators that you combine in different ways to manipulate the playback position on a delay-line. This runs on an imaginary vintage digital processor with 12-bit A/D D/A conversion and variable clock frequency from 0 to 352kHz. On top of this you will find a number of “analog” components for filtering, limiting, saturation and more.

Did that sound complicated? Permut8 is complicated, but it is also a product that is designed for experimentation and happy accidents, and boy do they happen often. Bring your crash helmet.

Permut8 will be available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for $66 USD excl. VAT.

More information: Sonic Charge