Sonic Elements KICKS Tops & Bottoms

Sonic Elements has announced the release of KICKS Tops & Bottoms Volume 1, a collection of kick drum samples.

KICKS Tops and Bottoms Volume 1 is designed to provide an affordable quick solution to construct kicks that are in tune with the rest of a song.

With Kicks Tops and Bottoms a user gets 48 tuned kick bottoms. These come in a variety of styles designed to fit any modern genre.

KICKS Tops & Bottoms Volume 1 features

  • 1152 Total Combinations.
  • 24 Diverse Kick Tops.
  • 48 Tuned + Labelled Kick Bottoms.
  • 4 Kick Bottoms for every note.
  • All sounds come in 0db and -6db versions.
  • 24-bit + 44.1k files.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $5 USD.

More information: Sonic Elements / KICKS Tops & Bottoms Vol 1